Cultivating Sensual Awareness & Intimacy With Your Partner

Beginning this Fall - stay tuned… (6 Week Series)


“…people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.”

- Matt Kahn

At the beginning of a relationship, both people are excited to learn more about each other. Once the bond has formed, a couple usually derives a great deal of comfort and security from the reliable familiarity of an established partnership. As times passes, each person will inevitably continue to grow and change, yet because of the accumulation of responsibilities and other life details, the exploration of those changes by a couple or an individual will often take a backseat.

This series intends to provide space for a deeper, more intimate exploration you can take as a couple, to reconnect with various aspects of the individuals you have each become. Cultivating sensual awareness with your partner will involve incorporating some new perspectives and approaches to intimacy. More than anything, though, it is a self-discovery journey that you embark on together to enable you to intentionally communicate and connect with each other in expanded ways.

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How to Restore & Optimize Your Unique Wiring - For those in Recovery

Weekly Series beginning in September

You are courageously taking sobriety a day at a time, but now what? The empowerment that comes with learning to navigate your inner and outer landscapes more effectively in tune with your unique wiring can help you to shift from a “disease” identified reality to one that is instead fully “optimized”.


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Balancing the Wild Feminine: Cultivating Self-Care & Healthy Sexuality


Coming this Fall - Stay tuned…



Your Path to Parenthood

Next 5 Week Group Class Begins September 21

1:00 - 2:30 / 3:00 PM on Saturdays

This is an educational, experience and research based class that focuses on personalized childbirth and parenting preparation. Eleven years of helping families prepare for birth as well as supporting them through their birth and parenting journeys has given Joy a great deal of insight into what families need most to discover and successfully navigate their individual paths to birth and parenthood.

(Private class instruction is also available)


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Preparation for Conception

It is never too early to prepare for parenthood. The focus of this class is to optimize the physical & emotional health of the mother or the couple, to optimize fertility, while also supporting the family in consciously preparing for the transitions of parenthood.


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Therapeutic Massage for Couples

The focus of this class is cultivating care in your relationship, by learning to use touch in a conscious, more informed and nurturing way with each other.